Discovering Essential Oils

How it all started . . .

Natural wellness has always been an interest of mine. While growing up, I was always surrounded by home-grown garden produce, home cooking, and home remedies for healing. Whenever we were sick as children, mom always started brewing the chamomile tea. If you had a stomachache, Nonna would have you eat those fennel seed cookies that were shaped like circles and are still popular at Italian weddings. There seemed to always be a natural answer for every discomfort. (Usually, it’s always to stay and eat…Italians are notorious for solving the world’s problems over a plate of pasta and good company).

Part of the reason why my family was always surrounded by this idea of “natural wellness” was because they came to this country with literally just their identification cards. As an immigrant, my mom adopted the age-old saying, “waste not, want not,” as her daily mantra for raising us. This seems to be the common idea within my whole family. Because of this notion, my mom and dad worked extremely hard to provide for my brother and I, and, as part of our childhoods, they had us help out in the family garden to see that hard work first-hand. Nonna’s gardens were even larger, and I remember long, summer days helping her to braid garlic, pick herbs, and chase the cat out of the garden. I was then introduced to essential oils, specifically the an oil blend of containing fennel essential oil. As my stomachache dissipated, I was intrigued to know more about these oils that I just used instead of the popular antacid alternatives. I started to reflect on my childhood when reading the listing of oils that were present in the blend: fennel and anise are among the oils, the very same seeds and oils Nonna used for my childhood stomach discomforts. Needless to say, I was intrigued and had to learn more about these essential oils and products. Here’s to an essential oil life!


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