Monday Meditation

Daily meditation has always been a necessary part of my day, especially when I feel myself becoming too stressed or anxious. Meditation also helps me to become more mindful and allows me to process my actions before they actually happen.

As I sat, focusing on my breath, I started to really notice how my body was actually feeling. Either from sleeping incorrectly or straining too far when cleaning out the garage, the throbbing pain in my shoulder became acutely more evident during my stillness. It was exceptionally difficult to stop thinking about that pain, which led me to thinking that my meditation wasn’t mindful, which then led me to becoming angry at myself for thinking! I needed to just calm down and re-focus.

I thought, “what if I just changed my sense focus? Instead of focusing on my feeling sensation for pain, I thought to change the sense altogether and focus on smell. Grabbing frankincense essential oil, I sat back down and allowed myself to breathe in the aroma of the freshly applied essential oils. As my breathing became more pronounced, I started to separate the scents in the blend, picking out each blended essential oil with every inhale and relaxing with every exhale. I started to feel calmer and more at peace, hardly noticing the pain in my shoulder anymore because I was focusing on my sense of smell rather than touch/feeling.

Thankfully, I always have these essential oils to assist in a deeper, more meaningful meditation practice.

Photo on 2014-10-13 at 18.31


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