“I want to write my words on the face of today.”

The beginning of the new year always has the feeling of change. It’s almost contagious. The Counting Crows said it best with their lyrics, “this year will be better than the last…” What does change really mean, though? Is it in the form of New Year’s resolutions? I may be one of the few, but I don’t buy into the New Year’s resolutions mantra. When I think of change, I don’t think of an end goal that can be reached. I think of a permanent shift. I think of a way of living that is different than what was before. Here’s what I have come to figure out. You can’t change people. They have to change for themselves, and it’s not our mission to go poke and prod them. This isn’t an earth-shattering statement. We know this. We’ve heard it before. Yet, sometimes we ignore it. Who are we to decide how someone else should be, especially if we aren’t exactly an ideal role model ourselves? Instead, it’s our job to reflect that love onto other people, hoping that they will make their own life changes with guidance and not force. “You want to see a difference? It has to start with you…” These words, overheard in the dining hall area of my workplace, resonated with me. It sounds so simple, and, again, we have all heard them before, but it’s the truth. I’m just going to make my own small changes in the world and stop worrying about how other people should be making changes. It’s not my call, but I can show other people how my changes are being reflected, so hopefully they can make some kind of small impact. My biggest fear is a world of apathy. How do I change it? I change it by making a paradigm shift in my own life and hope that I can reflect that onto others. Because I’ve been using essential oils for two years now, I have already seen areas of my life start making their own shifts. It may be the whole idea that essential oils bring to the table. To make essential oils, they are “carefully distilled from plants that have been patiently harvested at the perfect moment by experienced growers from around the world.”  Essential oils have literally taught me life lessons. Be patient; there will be a perfect moment for everything.

My niece is a constant reminder of goodness, love, and light. She inspires me to be a better person, and her innocent love of plants and flowers is contagious.
My niece is a constant reminder of goodness, love, and light. She inspires me to be a better person, and her innocent love of all living things- plants and flowers included-  is contagious.

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