Inspiration Spotlight


Inspiration Spotlight- Features of the beautiful people who walk this planet that inspire me.

This week, I am honored to share with all of you that my Etsy store is up and running, my handmade products are being placed into brick and mortar locations, and I’m teaching classes at a local art gallery downtown! More updates are to come, but this would not have been possible without the inspiration from Maureen Lauer-Gatta.

Owner of The Yoga Room in Niles, I’ve had the pleasure of taking yoga from Maureen for awhile. I’ve known Maureen for ten years, since I first stepped into her class at the YSU Rec Center. The first thing I noticed about Maureen was the tattoo of a beautiful sun on her foot. Without knowing much about her then, I always sought out the “girl with a sun-tattoo foot” whenever I wanted to get my zen on.

Those ten years of knowing Maureen have really shaped me as the person I am today. Always kind, always patient, and always resilient, Maureen taught me more than just how not to fall on my face in yoga…but how to get up again in life. It’s all about the balance, even outside of the yoga room. You can put your dreams into reality. You can balance the “have-to” with the “want-to” to make everything a “need-to-be” for others. As my guru of soulful inspiration, thank you for inspiring me to always forgive, give back, and choose love.

My hand-crafted prayer beads, wire-wrapped gemstones, and essential oil anointed cord-wrapped crystals are available for purchase at The Yoga Room in Niles.

Visit to schedule a class with Maureen and all the other lovely instructors there who truly teach from the heart.

My Etsy store link can also be found on my contact page:


Peace. Light. Love.


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