Full Moon Mantras

Yesterday marked the February Snow Moon, and it had me thinking about all the “cold” things in my life that I need to let go. I recently saw an Instagram post that perfectly explained this outlook for me. Are you looking to oust all of the “cold” from your life, too?

Give in to self-expression. Sometimes we forget that it’s ok to be ourselves and express that. What’s holding you back from working on your best self daily?

Get rid of clutter, and not just the kind you can physically pick up and organize or trash. Look at the clutter in your life that’s metaphorically distressing you. Get it out.

Take time for yourself to be mindful of what you’re truly living for. Are negative thoughts worth it? How can you be more aware of the good in each day? It’s easy to be bitter and resentful of others, their accomplishments, or the feeling that you don’t have what others do. Get over it and LIVE for the best you.

Detoxify your internal person. I’m not a health coach, but it’s been said that “you are what you eat.” We are so worried about what we look like on the outside that we may forget it’s what we equally internalize daily that fuels us. Your body is your temple. Treat it according to how you want to feel outwardly. I’ve been starting to dry brush daily, oil pull for gum health, and be more mindful of my meals…and that in itself has made a world of difference to my own health.

Find your niche. Explore. Be a good friend. Be reliable, even to yourself. Love.


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