“If it wasn’t around 100 years ago, we don’t need it today…”


“If it wasn’t around 100 years ago, we don’t need it today…”

Jeremy sent me a video about how to heal your body naturally when going through cancer. We’ve had quite a few run-ins with this that hits way too close to home, so I enjoyed listening to what the medical practitioner had to say.  Although I disagree with some of the statements and arguments made, the heading quote of my blog struck me. It’s getting me to think a little more about what’s around us. I’ll be thinking about this all day today.

As far as eating goes, Jeremy and I have been trying to be more mindful of where our fruits and veggies come from. We try to buy organic, but sometimes being the savvy shoppers and seeing “good deals” gets to us. We love supporting local farmers, as well. We have to trust that what they tell us about “no pesticides” and “all organic” is true; and then I think, aren’t we really doing the same thing with supermarket produce by trusting? How do we really know it’s “all natural?” Our eyes were opened about this after seeing the veggies and greens that were labeled as “all natural” that we got for a great price; they were recalled from the local supermarket we shop at. That’s it…organic from now on and local farmers we trust!

I have my own garden, and I know exactly what I put into it. I’ve been thinking about starting a local co-op with Luna Tribe and other friends where we organically grow our own produce. It’s unrealistic to think that we can be farmers. I would LOVE to be in the soil all day like my Nonna, but my lifestyle choices of being a homeowner and car owner need the cushion of my daily teaching job. And…I love teaching. I think, long run, we could be able to do more of this growing and farming like my parents do, but our time management needs to be better prioritized for things like that.

In the mean time, I’ll be tending to my garden…waiting for these last few days of school to be over so I can really get down and dirty with my plants. 🙂

Peace. Love. Light.


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