Herbarium Duodecim

Are you ready for what Heather and I have been working on?

Get ready…

In collaboration with The Moon Sisterhood, Heather and I put together a 12 card preview of our herbal oracle deck, Herbarium Duodecim.

We are so very elated and extremely fortunate to have such excitement enter into our lives. Creating this deck has been an experience that is both humbling and awe-inspiring. Listening to the herbs write their own stories was our favorite part. Heather works amazingly with her uniquely inspired artistic talent, and the herbs just tell me their stories. We created these cards to work closely with Anne’s 2017 holistic planner. Consider this awesome purchase in order to get the full experience of what we aimed to create:

Here is a small sneak peek at our style. Each card has the unique planting and harvesting moon info as well. (The accompanying booklet contains all the meaning for each card).


Stay tuned for the printed and published cards!


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