October Gardening Rituals

garlicAs “King of the Herbs,” garlic has multiple ways to aid in a wide-range of healing aspects. Growing quietly below the soil, it makes quite a robust appearance once harvested and used. This healing herb has many protective and anti-blockage properties, and it has always been in my ancestral kitchen.

Like an annual reminder, the second week of October breezes in with whirling leaves, and I can distantly hear Nonna’s whispers being carried in on the autumn breeze: “aglio…gardino.” It’s time to turn the garden soil and plant the garlic so it has time to sleep and grow. As I turned the earth this week and prepared the little soil tombs for the cloves, I could feel Nonna observing the garlic planting ritual. Silent but watchful, her presence was as clear as my hands moving through the dirt. When I traced my steps around the garden, I took note of the wind picking up, feeling cooler with each sightless swish of it on my neck. My neat little garlic row was soon complete, and I made a mental note to cover the planted soil with grass and leaf clippings. Shaking off Mother Earth, I took a deep breath in and sighed out a smile of completion.

Once the garlic is finally ready for harvest in the summer, tradition has it braided and hung to attract good fortune and repel negativity. It’s best hung above/by the door. Nonna taught us that eating garlic would give us courage. We always felt a little braver, especially after ingesting a raw clove. And whenever there was a flu bug in the house, Nonna was quick to get the garlic. It’s aroma always hung around her fingertips like a favorite perfume.

This week I connected with the soil, sitting down in the freshly tilled earth, and listened. Like this stately herb,it may take some patience to grow to your full potential, but, once you reach your time, your presence will be impressive and bold. Don’t be afraid to make your presence strong. You are a majestic being of value.

Garlic :: Allium sativum

Parts used- Bulb

When to plant- Waning October

When to harvest- Waxing August

Energy- Heating, moistening (fresh), oily

(fresh), drying (dried)

Element- Fire

Chakra- Solar Plexus (yellow)

Astrology- Mars

Spiritual- Healing, protecting, anti-blockage

Garlic is regal and fantastically kingly. Will you model this stately herb?

How will you share your regal inspiration with others?


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